How to Season Wood for Smoking | 4 Easy Methods to Dry Wood at Home

How to Season Wood for Smoking

Are you fond of camping and doing barbeques there? Well, it’s a bunch of enjoyment one experiences in life, inclusive of the fact that your meal offers a marvellous taste. To season wood for smoking is the best way to achieve a flavorful taste in your meal.

Wood not only adds tasty flavour on burning as fuel, but one can also find the best Smokey flavour by placing the wood chips or chunks on the top of the cooking food in a pellet smoker.

4 Methods of How to Season Wood for Smoking

How to Season Wood for Smoking is a common question these days, especially for beginners. Here we tried to give a short description of how to dry wood for smoking. Although, there are many ways to season wood for smoking. But we’ve described the four most successful methods by which you can do a perfect wood seasoning to avail the Smokey flavour in your food:

1. Wood Tarping

Tarping is the effective way to season wood to get the flavorful Smokey meal but, applying this method in a fair way matters a lot. Usually, people wrap and cover all the sides of the wood. Enclosing its sides restricts the airflow that ultimately not provides a satisfying flavour. You can do excellent tarping by just only covering the top side of your gathered woodpiles if there is no shade on the top.

2. Wood Drying by Stove

One of the most common and easiest methods to let your wood get rid of the moisture is to dry wood by the stove. Moisture can become an obstacle in offering the perfect smoke. Just stay at your home and safely place small wood chunks on the stove or near your fireplace. Let the woods dry within minutes and use them for smoking to have the flavorful meat with your friends and dear ones.

3. Wood Drying by Bark

Using the Bark to get the wood with the least moisture content is another remarkable method. Bark serves as a shady platform to the wooden logs that help the wood stay safe from the harmful sun radiations. The bark itself has a higher moisture content that won’t let its underneath wood suffer.

So, you can use a bark on your woods, place it in an open area, and get the quickest dried woods to smoke your food in the best way.

4. Wood Cross Stacking in a Top covered structure

Placing wood pieces side by side without any management doesn’t offer the well-dried woods for smoking. Your place may accompany more woods but it is of no benefit for sure. So, it is necessary to do wood stacking in a well-managed manner.


  • Start placing wooden logs side-by-side to create the first managed row below at a surface.
  • Make another row above but in the opposite manner. If you have placed the first row’s woods in a vertical direction, keep the above ones horizontally; perpendicular to the previous ones.
  • Continue the same way of stacking unless you reach your last top row. The woods will get an excellent airflow that lets them get dry perfectly and shortly.

Place your stacked woods in an enclosed structure like a greenhouse, but at least have open ends. It let the air penetrate the wooden logs and dry them effectively.

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What are the signs that show the woods are seasoned?

There are multiple signs by which you can judge the seasoned wood:

  • The weight of the seasoned wood becomes lighter than the fresh ones.
  • Its colour gets fade.
  • It may shows cracks on the surface.
  • The seasoned wood gets hard as all the moisture flies off.
  • On striking the dried woods against each other, one feels a hollow sound.
  • Seasoned woods are more flammable and get the fire quickly.
  • It loses its adherence with barks on top.
  • You may feel the woody aroma from the dry woods.

What are the advantages of using seasoned wood instead of fresh wood?

The seasoned woods are highly appreciable and in demand nowadays because of their multiple prominent advantages over the fresh ones. It catches the fires in a short time and gives a high flame. One doesn’t need to maintain fire with many efforts as it keeps burning greatly for a long time with producing lesser smoke.

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