Best Smoker Under $200 | Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

best smoker under $200

Do you wish to buy the best smoker under $200? There are several fantastic choices in this group or under the same value. How about we analyze five of the most mainstream models?

It’s easy to think that smokers are all costly and tough to operate. They’re most suitable for expert grillers or pitmasters, right?


In fact, you can find that some of the best cheap smokers under $200 work almost as well as more expensive units. These smokers will let you enjoy outdoor parties, delicious BBQs, and even kitchen use. 

Plus, they can do it all without breaking the bank. What’s not to like? Let’s take a look at some top affordable smokers.

If you’re a slightly higher budget, check out these lists of Best smokers under $300 


So, If you’re in a hurry check out our quick recommendations, or scroll down to see our full top 5 list with in-depth reviews.


  • Removable racks
  • Beginner friendly
  • 3-Years warranty


Smoke Hollow 26142E

  • Heat Indicator
  • Spring wire door
  • 2 Cooking grids


Char-Broil Bullet 16″

  • Solid Construction
  • Fire access door
  • Removable ash pan


Comparison Table of 5 Best Smoker Under $ 200 in 2021

Image Product Ratings   Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 CUISINART COS-330 Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Smoke Hollow 26142E Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Char-Broil Bullet 16″ Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Masterbuilt MB20070210 5 stars (3) Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Realcook Vertical 17-Inch 5 stars (1) Check Latest Price
Although every smoker has its advantages and disadvantages, there are so many choices within this price range, that you can guarantee these five smokers are the best you can get for under $200, despite if they’re rated #1-5 on this article.

So, let’s take a quick look at these budget products.

1. Cuisinart COS-330 – Best Electric Smoker Under $200

best smoker under $200Cuisinart makes some of the best electric smokers under $200. This famous company does not need an introduction, so let’s get straight to the review. The features found in it are not extravagant, but the build is strong and durable.

The cooking area measures a vast 548 sq. inches. Food can be cooked for more than 8 people at once, making this model suitable for small parties and public events.

Furthermore, there are three removable stainless steel shelves. The good thing is, the shelves are dishwasher safe. You don’t have to spend ages cleaning these manually. Just put them in a dishwasher, and you are ready to go.

On the front door, you have a temperature gauge. A 1500 heating element is present in this electrical smoker. The temperature can go up to 400F smoothly on this thing.

Plus, a stainless steel wood chip and water tray come in handy when smoking more considerable amounts of food. The company has embedded two handles into this model’s sides, which makes it carryable and portable. For the warranty, you get a decent three-year peace of mind.

Technical Features

Model COS-330
Material Steel
Cooking Space 548 Sq. inches
Size 22x19x37.5 Inches
Weight 51.5 Pounds


    Large cooking area
    Dishwasher safe shelves
    The extensive three-year warranty period
    Up to 400F temperature



    No fire access door

2. Smoke Hollow 26142E – Best Beginner Smoker Under $200

best electric smoker under $200New smokers are continuously flooding the market. Diversity is good, but the problem people usually face in this diverse market is whether they’re making the right choice? To find a solution, we have written this review after extensive research and prolonged testing. The 26142E falls into the list of the best smoker under $200.

You have a 1500 Watt heating element in this electric smoker. If you are concerned about the temperature range, it is between 175-325F. You can smoke a variety of foods due to the varied temperature range. Four sturdy legs are present under this model; they provide the right balance. Even if your playful pet crashes into this smoker, there is no chance of it tumbling over.

Now let’s see how well this smoker performs in terms of space. There are 2 adjustable chrome-coated racks, providing a total of 1.3 CB ft. capacity. Not forgetting this is a bit of on the compact side, the useable area seems pretty decent in this regard.

Furthermore, a built-in heat indicator opens the possibility to read the internal temperature. You can maintain a specific temperature thanks to this feature. You can move this across the lawn or move it near your car’s trunk using the side handles.

Besides, a cool-touch spring wire handle reduces accidents like burns and injuries to your hands when opening the main door. The water pan and wood chip tray are porcelain coated, keeping them rust-free.

Another feature we loved is the latch lock system. You can take this apart right from the middle; you have to undo the latches. This system comes in very handy if washing the smoker or storing it in a congested area.

Technical Features

Model 26142E
Material Steel
Cooking Space 1.3 cu.Ft
Size 16.5x19x35.5 Inches
Weight 34.9 Pounds


    Adjustable temperature control
    Heat indicator
    Latch-lock system
    Side handles
    1500W heating element



    Warranty is too less
    Some complaints about the Heat indicator a bit inaccurate

3. Char-Broil 16″ – Best Bullet Smoker Under $200

best smoker under $200Char-Broil is a well-known name in the industry. They have released several smokers and some of the best grills under $200 too. The company has received a good response from consumers over the release of its best budget electric smoker, the Bullet Charcoal smoker. If you or your family are fans of smoking, be sure to check out their models.

Coming with 370 sq. inches of cooking area, this smoker can quickly cook a large amount of food at a time. The 2 cooking grates found in it are porcelain-coated, which means they are rust-free and easy to clean. After smoking, dip these grates in hot water for a few minutes and see the magic.

Luckily, the body of this model comes in porcelain coating as well. The coating protects the build from getting rusty; it also reduces the amount of time you usually have to clean the smoker after a smoking session. A fire access door removes the hassle of reloading charcoal by opening the main door.

You can find a removable ash and water pan coming with this product. A water pan plays with the moisture to keep a specific temperature. In contrast, an ash pan collects ashes, so the smoker itself does not get clogged and dirty.

On the other hand, two handles are embedded into the body, helping you carry this thing around; combined with steel legs, it is stable while moving it. We found the temperature gauge on the lid accurate without giving a misleading reading.

Be alert; a minor defect we found in this grill is that it does not seal correctly. Some of the smoke does leak around it. A number airflow system comes with this model to know how much you are opening or closing the damper. In our opinion, this model comes in the list of the best bullet smokers under $200.

Technical Features

Model 18202075
Material Steel
Cooking Space 388 Sq. inches
Size 21.2x23x37.6 Inches
Weight 16.5 Pounds


    Numbered airflow system
    Temperature gauge
    Porcelain-coated body
    Porcelain-coated water and ash pan
    Fire access door



    The lid does not seal perfectly

4. Masterbuilt MB20070210 – Best Analog Smoker Under $200

best smoker under $200Masterbuilt MB20070210 analog electric smoker is a 30-inch unit that can give you hassle-free smoked meals for a long time. It’s a newer edition of a respected brand Masterbuilt. Although this machine is inexpensive, you can’t underestimate its performance and durability.

It is simple enough to assemble that it will take hardly more than 10 minutes for this purpose. You only have to attach the handle and put the trays and pans inside. 

You can heat this smoker very quickly because MB20070210 comes with a 1500 watts heating element. Moreover, its proper insulated body holds the temperature inside the unit efficiently. A temperature control knob is located side that is used to control the temperature level from outside. With this accuracy and consistency, the food will be cooked in an even way.

While talking about the cooking space, this smoker offers three chrome-coated racks, and the top rack is large enough to put a large piece of meat. You can smoke up to 3 chickens, three racks of ribs, three butts, and two turkeys.  

Like all other well-reputed smokers, the cleaning of Masterbuilt MB20070210 is simple and easy. You can place aluminum foil all over the drip tray because you will only have to put away the foil when your cooking is finished. Its Wood chips tray holds all the ash, and you can slide it out for easy ash removal. Moreover, its smoking racks only need soapy water to be cleaned.

Technical Features

Model MB20070210
Material Cast Iron
Cooking Space 715 Sq. inches
Size 20×21.6×40.1 Inches
Weight 49.8 Pounds


    Easy to use
    Large space to cook multiple slices of meat at once
    Great smoker for the price
    Ideal for novice grill masters



    Not suitable for chicken smoking
    No side door for adding wood chips

5. RealCook Vertical 17″ – Best Smoker Under $200 with Grill

best cheap smokerReal cook is a name not known to many, but we did not find it deficient in terms of producing quality smokers and grills. Although this company is not widely used, it does make some pretty decent vertical smokers. We call it the best smoker and grill under $200.

RealCook has given a built-in thermometer with this model, which is a necessity nowadays. Many people mistake not using a thermometer, and they regret it later seeing their meat all black and burnt.

In terms of having dampers, we did find it a little disappointing. There is only one damper located right on the lid. Generally, good smokers come with a minimum of two dampers to control airflow in a better manner. But still, you can regulate airflow using this feature.

The best part of this smoker is its design that made us happy. A two-door design has become a must in today’s world. You don’t have to disturb the food while cooking to add in more charcoal, as there’s a separate door made for that purpose. The cooking space is large, measuring around 453 sq. inch.

A stainless steel build is incredible if you want your smoker clean and rust-free at all times. Stainless steel is also straightforward to clean and maintain. Being light in weight is also an advantage of this build. Two charcoal-coated cooking grates come with this. They are easy to clean and scrape after intense smoking.

Furthermore, a porcelain-coated water pan acts like a brother to the damper. It maintains the internal temperature to provide even and intense heat to your meat. There is a latch-lock system used in this model.

You can split this smoker in two for easy storage and in-depth cleaning. Heat-resistant bakelite handles help in keeping your hands safe while opening a door. If you ask us, we think of this as the best affordable smoker due to its low price point.

Technical Features

Model Realcook
Material Steel
Cooking Space 453 Sq. inches
Size 22x17x35 Inches
Weight 19.2 Pounds


    Large cooking area
    Can be used for hot or cold smoking
    Stainless steel build
    Latch-lock system
    Heat resistant bakelite handles



    No charcoal pan
    The company is not widely known

Buying Guide of Best Smoker Under $200

best smoker under $200

Fuel Type

Before buying an affordable smoker, you’ll want to choose your fuel type. First of all, there are electric smokers. These smokers are as easy to cook in like an oven. Just set your temperature, and the heating element will allow it to coast right where you want it.

You can get plenty of smoke flavors without keeping bags of charcoal around or needing to tend a fire. Electric smokers generally have a fair bit less airflow moving past your food, which is useful for retaining moisture. It is worth noting that it can be hard to get that same outer bark you would expect from a more traditional smoker.

If you’re somebody who wants manual control over how you tend your fire and airflow – then a charcoal smoker is an ideal choice.

Pellet smokers are the easiest to use if you want something that will manage your fuel, heat, airflow, and smoke. The wood pellets are your fuel, and smoking wood is wrapped into one. Pellet fuel gives off a more subtle Smokey flavor than wood chunks, so this can prevent you from having to worry about over smoking your food.

Now for gas smokers, these can provide good consistent heat without the need for electricity. Gas smokers are an excellent option for a spot in the yard where you may not have an electrical outlet nearby, and of course – a good piece of mind that if you lose power, you can keep on smoking’.

Cooking Capacity

One of the significant factors to consider before purchasing a smoker or grill under $200 is its total cooking capacity. The cooking space varies from smoker to smoker. For example, Masterbuilt MB20070210 analog smoker has a cooking capacity of over 700 sq. ft.

On the other hand, Char-broil 16” bullet smoker has only 388 sq. ft cooking capacity. If you are going to deal with a broad group of people to serve, you should go for a large-capacity smoker instead of a small smoking area smoker.

Build Material

Most of the cheap smokers build with a stainless steel building material. However, stainless steel grade makes the real difference. Always go with industrial-grade stainless steel because this type of stainless steel is thicker. While the lower gauge is thinner, and there is a chance of heat loss. This directly affects the efficiency of the smoker.


Consider the weight of the smoker before buying any budget product. Although, the majority of home smokers are lightweight and portable. However, some bulky smokers don’t allow you to move from one place to another.

So, always look for a light smoker because portability is a necessary part of outdoor BBQs. RealCook 17” vertical smoker is an example of a lightweight smoker, which weighs only 19 pounds.


Warranty is a lifeline for your smoker. Some brands offer only a 3 to 6 months warranty, which is a relatively short period, while some brands rarely come with 10 years of warranty. Often short warranty smokers don’t last long. Always choose the smoker with having a minimum 1 year warranty period

Final Thoughts

That’s it, folks. We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we did writing it. The above smokers will make your BBQs, smoking, and grilling delicious and easy, and will not break your bank.

We selected these products based on the features you will find necessary for your smoking needs and will save you from spending a considerable amount of money on a smoker or grill.

We welcome you to leave a comment below about your best smoker or grill under $200 and a few reasons why?

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