8 Best Propane Smoker 2021 | Products Reviews & Common FAQs

Whether it’s for smoking or grilling, a high-quality propane smoker is a must-have tool around you. Propane smokers are easy to use, fast heating; long life and won’t make a hole in your pocket while comparing with electric or charcoal ones. So, if you love outdoor cooking parties, then the best propane smoker 2021 is an essential gadget for you.

Choosing the right device is difficult when it comes to the best grill and smoker. Because there are many brands and models are available these days. Don’t worry; our research team compiled a list of the top 8 best propane smokers for you to select the best available smoker in 2021.


So, If you’re in a hurry check out our quick recommendations, or scroll down to see our full top 8 list with in-depth reviews and buying guides.

Cuisinart COS-244

  • Verstile Smoker
  • 4 Removable Shelves
  • 2 Doors


Smoke Hollow 38202G

  • 20,000 BTU burner
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sausage Hanger


Char-Broil The Big Easy

  • Huge Cooking Space
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


Comparison Table of 8 Best Propane Smoker 2021

Although the market is full of propane smokers and grills, every manufacturer says its product best grill, but our team researched deeply and compiled this list of the top 8 best propane smokers.

Image Product Ratings   Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Cuisinart COS-244 Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Smoke Hollow 38202G Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Char-Broil The Big Easy  Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Masterbuilt MPS 230S  Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Cuisinart CGG-7400  5 stars (3) Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Masterbuilt MB20051316 5 stars (3) Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Char-Broil Vertical Liquid 5 stars (3) Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Landmann 3495GLA Smoky Mountain 5 stars (1) Check Latest Price

1. Cuisinart COS-244 – Best Vertical Propane Smoker

Best propane smokerCuisinart is an old company but relatively newer compared to other brands in the market. It started back in the 1971’s, and it begins its journey from there. People are buying more and more Propane smokers as the trend for BBQ is increasing. The COS-244 Vertical Propane smoker does not lack in quality. This smoker doesn’t have many features, but it sure does have a sturdy build.

Storage space is a significant concern when buying any smoker, especially a best budget propane smoker. Luckily, Cuisinart has built four stainless steel removable shelves in this model. You can utilize these by putting plates, cutlery, or any spices you might need during smoking.

An adjustable gas supply allows you to lessen or increase the heat you provide to the food. If you want to cook something with slower heat, reduce the gas supply. A 5.45 sq. ft of cooking space is available, which is quite decent.

In addition, there are four removable racks. Just remove one or two, and you have a more considerable amount of available space. A built-in thermometer is useful when you want to check how much heat you are supplying to the meat.

Besides, a rear vent is present, which helps in maintaining a specific temperature. You can close and open this vent to aid air circulation. There is a porcelain enameled steel tray that holds wood chips plus the water pan. This tray reduces any mess inside this smoker, helping in cleaning up.

We loved how the door of this propane smoker seals tightly. A twist-lock door handle is available, making the door shut tighter than any other smoker out there.

Talking about the warranty, you get a three-year coverage for this propane smoker. It is one of the best vertical propane smokers in the market.

Technical Features

MaterialAlloy Steel
Cooking Space784 Sq. inches
Size20x20x46 Inches
Weight40 Pounds


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Back vent provides more space on top
  • Comes with a 40″ hose pipe
  • 3 Years warranty


  • Unfit for cold smoking

2. Smoke Hollow 38202G – Double Door Propane Gas Smoker

best propane smoker 2021All things have their advantages, but anything having the upper hand also has to compromise somewhere. The same is the case with Propane smokers. These smokers provide much more fiery heat than natural gas, but this comes at a higher price point, which can be termed as a potential drawback.

The thing is, when you barbecue, you need the highest amount of heat possible. Luckily, Propane smoker provides just that, and this is what has made them so wantable.

Let’s start with how much cooking space this particular model has. A total of 3.4 cubic ft. is available to utilize. Four chrome-plated cooking grates are present. The height of these grates is adjustable to multiple levels. This feature gives you the option to have your meat near to the burner if you want a smoky flavor taste, while you can also place it away to supply less and even heat.

With a 20,000 BTU burner, you can surely cook any meat you want, whether beef, chicken, or the much-loved mutton. Another useful feature here to keep in mind is the push-button ignition system; This system gives the ability to start the smoker effortlessly.

A sausage hanger is present; although it is an insignificant feature, it comes conveniently while cooking. The typical temperature gauge is also present to keep you informed about the temperature.

Moreover, a welded steel cabinet design makes this model strong. Vents are significant factors when buying a smoker, or even a grill, for that matter. There are two vents, one at the top while another at the bottom. These can be closed or opened as well.

Finally, a two-door design ensures that heat is not wasted relentlessly; it keeps the consistent temperature throughout the entire cooking process. One door is given for adding wood chips and includes the water pan, while the other one cooks the meat. A dual-lock system aids in the insulation, minimizing excessive heat loss.

Importan Note

  • Make sure to unwrap the regulator hose before attaching the burner, otherwise, you’ll be taking the burner back off later to do it.
  • The doors go on and off easily. Put them on when attaching the hardware (Handles, latches). Pop them off when needed.

Technical Features

Cooking Space3. 4 Cubic Feet
Size19.7×27.3 x47.1 Inches
Weight68 Pounds


  • Has external temperature gauge
  • Sausage hanger included
  • 2 door system
  • Large wood pan


  • No window to check food
  • No door gaskets

3. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared – Best Combo Smoker Roaster & Grill

Best propane grills 2021The Char-Broil Big Easy isn’t your ordinary smoker. It allows you to smoke, roast, and grill all in one package. There is a big roasting basket, which means you cook an entire turkey in it. This model is one of the best propane smokers in the vast market.

An accurate infrared technology makes this all-in-one smoker even better. Throughout the area, you get evenly supplied heat, cooking your food perfectly. Flare-ups are also minimized due to this useful feature.

Coming to the grilling area, it measures up to 180 sq. inches. If you’re concerned about the smoking area, it totals 1200 sq. inches. Another significant feature to note here is that the basket can fit in 20 lb turkey without difficulty.

In addition, a removable grease tray ensures a quick cleanup after a smoking session. For the sake of portability, this famous vertical smoker comes with carrying handles on each side. The steel legs present are sturdy, allowing you to transport this model wherever you want.

Luckily, a side smoker box is built-in in this best propane smoker. You do not have to open the main door, resulting in heat loss and difficulty in controlling temperature. You can add wood chips to this box to give your food the required taste.

In terms of keeping things handy, this smoker has not disappointed us. Two halve shelves permit you to hold spices, plates, or any other utensils you want in reach. An 18,000 BTU provides sufficient heat to cook anything you like.

There is also a built-in thermometer so you can cook without worrying about burning the food. In terms of the warranty, there is a five-year one given for the burner; one-year security is provided for other parts.

All in all, this model of char-broil is the best Best Combo Smoker & Grill option for smoking enthusiasts.

Technical Features

MaterialStainless Steel
Cooking Space1200 Sq. inches
Size23.2×23.4×36.2 Inches
Weight22.6 Pounds


  • Digital thermometer
  • Auto Shut-Off feature
  • Easy to clean
  • Big enough for 16 lbs turkey
  • Drip pan


  • Smoker box isn’t large enough

4. Masterbuilt MPS 230S – Best Propane Smoker Under $200

best propane smokerCabinet-shaped smokers are increasing with each passing day, especially in the case of Masterbuilt. Masterbuilt has received positive feedback from consumers all over the globe after introducing propane smokers. Smokers come in various sizes, and it is up to you to choose the one you require.

Masterbuilt MPS230S is one of the best LP gas smokers under $200. There is a 15,400 BTU stainless steel burner. You can go up to 400 F on this smoker, which is excellent for cooking more massive amounts of meat at a time.

Four chrome-plated smoking racks are removable if you want to cook something more prominent, perhaps a small turkey or something similar. A built-in thermometer is there to give you readings on the temperature.

Furthermore, the push-button ignition system can start up this best budget propane smoker in the blink of an eye. You have to press a button, and the smoker starts right away. Talking about its cooking space, this model has a total of 734 sq. available area.

An air damper present helps in heat regulation. You can open or close it whenever you want a reduction or increase in the temperature. You have to scrub them after using the charcoal-coated cooking grates, which can be a little hassle.

Good Insulation is an important point in smokers. Insulation given is pretty good considering this smoker’s price. An adjustable door gives you control over how tight you want the door shut. A door liner on the inside further enhances heat-trapping.

Moreover, the flame disk bowl is patented porcelain-coated, allowing the flame to reach the wood chips. Also, it prevents excessive drippings from falling into the burner. You get a one-year warranty with this model, giving you peace of mind.

Technical Features

Cooking Space3. 4 Cubic Feet
Size27.3 x47.1 Inches
Weight68 Pounds


  • Large cooking capacity
  • Digital control panel makes controlling the temperature simple
  • Side wood chip loader allows for stable temperatures


  • Does not have wheels

5. Cuisinart CGG-7400 – Best Value Propane Smoker

Best budget propane smokerIf you’re looking for the best propane smoker in 2021, consider the Cuisinarts CGG-7400 in the top 3 on your list. We have been so impressed with the outclass feature it provides that we have become a fan of this propane smoker.

Cuisinart has a total of four burners with 44,000 BTUs; each burner has 11,000 BTUs. Due to this reason, this model is the best propane smoker of 2021. Much to our joy, these burners can be operated singularly. It means if you want lesser heat in one area for slow cooking while a hotter area for quick cooking, this smoker is best for you.

While talking about its cooking capacity, it has 443 Sq.inches of smoking capacity. You can cook for 4-6 people utilizing this area. So if you have a small family but want an excellent smoker, be sure to check this one out. The grates are cast iron, meaning they retain heat for more extended periods.

A stainless steel lid and control panel ensures this smoker is rust-free at all times. A drip tray is also provided by the company, reducing the mess you typically have after smoking.

Its twist ignition system makes it more convenient. With a twist of your hand, you have the burner lit up in a few seconds. Heavy-duty steel wheels are given in this model to make it portable, and to make this easily movable.

You get shelves on each side of this smoker, which means you can keep your belongings handy if you need them. A thermometer makes heat control safer and more comfortable. We noticed a unique feature in this best Vertical smoker is a bottle opener located right on the build.

The porcelain-coated cooking grates are easy to scrape after a barbecuing session. Three-year security is given if you buy this particular smoker.

Technical Features

MaterialStainless Steel
Cooking Space443 Sq. inches
Size54×22.5×46.5 Inches
Weight72 Pounds


  • Four independent burners
  • 44,000 BTUs in Total
  • Solid construction
  • Porcelain-coated primary grate and warming rack


  • No cabinet door
  • No side burner

6. Masterbuilt MB20051316 – Durable Propane Smoker

best propane smoker 2021Undoubtedly, Masterbuilt has long impressed its customers with its quality and durability. It has a range of different appliances, but recently we have seen a surge in demand for their smokers, especially Propane ones. One cannot argue that Propane smokers are not the best for barbecuing, as these things cook the meat till its bottom.

A temperature sensor is built inside this best propane smoker for beginners. You don’t have to be wary about keeping the temperature between a specified range. This smoker makes this simpler. The temperature is maintained automatically in this model.

Safety should be the foremost priority whenever looking for a smoker, especially one that involves gas. If you are not careful, you might end up in a blast, or even a fire for that matter. We are impressed with the automatic safety valves that shut off the burner in case it accidentally lights up.

One of the best features is that it has a fuel level indicator is given for the tank, keeping you updated on how much fuel you have left. Four charcoal-coated racks are provided with this, so you get a decent amount of space. The cooking area measures 961 sq. inches.

The burner is 15,750 stainless steel, having a fair amount of heat capacity. Furthermore, a two-door design separates the cooking chamber and the wood chip tray. You do not have to disturb the food while it’s cooking if you want to renew the wood chips. A stainless steel tray is given to hold the wood chips.

An aluminum steel water pan aids heat regulation and retains moisture. The warranty provided with this model goes up to one year, but it does not cover rust or damage to the paint finish.

So, if you are looking for a well built durable propane smoker, then you won’t go wrong with this one.

Technical Features

MaterialStainless Steel
Cooking Space961 Sq. inches
Size22.8×28.7×53 Inches
Weight92 Pounds


  • Push-button electric ignition
  • 15,750 BTU burner
  • Safety shuts off valve
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-year warranty


  • Chrome-plated grates can scrape and stick
  • Temperature probe needs frequent cleaning

7. Char-Broil Vertical – Best Propane Smoker for Beginners

Best propane smokerChar-Broil is an old company. Going back into history, it used to manufacture steamboats and stove products. Then the market demand begins to change, and luckily Char-Broil acted intelligently. It moved into the manufacturing of Smokers in the 1970s. A company this old undoubtedly produces quality products.

The Char-Broil Vertical Propane Gas smoker is not only one of the best propane smokers in 2021 but also one of the best propane smokers for beginners. So if you are a newbie in the world of smoking, be sure to check this out. It comes with 595 sq. inches of cooking area and is just right for a small family of 3 or 4.

There are 3 charcoal-coated cooking grates are built inside to smoke meat, be it be pork or chicken. A Warming rack is another useful feature found in some of the smokers currently holding the market. Thankfully, the Charo Broil Vertical has one. This rack permits you to warm bread and buns alongside smoking meat.

Furthermore, a pullout drawer includes a porcelain-coated wood chip tray and a water pan. This pan retains moisture, increasing heat. At the same time, a wood chip tray adds flavor to the meat.

Let us elaborate on some of the drawbacks we noticed while using this smoker. The handle is too hot to touch, so this smoker is extremely unsafe around kids and pets. The built-in thermometer lacks accuracy. Even a cheap aftermarket thermometer is more accurate than the one found in this. If you are looking for an affordable price and best budget propane smoker, then care to take a look at this one.

Technical Features

Cooking Space595 Sq. inches
Size19.5×21.5×45.5 Inches
Weight25 Pounds


  •  Separate temperature controls
  • cool-touch handles
  • easy-to-refill water pan
  • It is spacious
  • Highly Portable smoker


  • Only 3 racks
  • Lacks a bottom vent

8. Landmann 3495GLA – Best 34″ Propane Smoker

Best propane grills 2021Landmann is a relatively less known company, but it doesn’t produce bad smokers. This is the reason we have included this model in the list of the best propane smoker 2021. It has a rotary ignition system and a burner of 13,500 BTU.

Another thing we found compelling is the adjustable heat control. It gives you the ability to adjust and maintain temperature to a specific value. A temperature gauge located on the front door helps in this regard. There are four charcoal-plated cooking racks. These racks are luckily adjustable, allowing you to fit in more food at a time.

Besides, a meat hanger is a feature seldom found in other smokers; this is a unique feature in this smoker. An easy access drawer holds wood chips. It allows you not to have to interfere with the internal temperature or if you want to chip in more wood.

When we talk about its durability, the heavy-duty steel construction makes this smoker sturdy, but we found it lacking in insulation to our disappointment. The structure is lightweight. This drawback also makes the quality a bit low and lacks insulation.

Moreover, a porcelain-coated stainless steel water pan serves as a heat retainer. Still, due to the lack of proper insulation, we do not like heat regulation at all. In terms of dampers, one is located on the chimney while two are on the sides.

On the other hand, the main door does not have a latch; it only has mediocre magnets. Heat leaks around the door. Considering stability, we found it average. The legs are wide, helping it in keeping still. What we loved about this model is the extended warranty period. You have a 10-year peace of mind if buying this best propane smoker.

Technical Features

Cooking Space1108 Sq. inches
Size18x21x43.2 Inches
Weight52.8 Pounds


  • Large cooking space
  • Water pan and chip tray
  • Meat hanger
  • Lightweight
  • 10 Years limited warranty


  • Cheap build
  • Bad insulation
  • Smoke leaks

Common FAQs of Best Propane Smoker 2021

What is the best propane smoker in 2021?

It totally depends on your needs and budget. All the above reviewed products are good at their end. Some of them are budget-friendly, while others have a large cooking space. However considering all aspects of the best propane smoker, you can’t go wrong with Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill in 2021

Can propane smoker be connected to natural gas? 

Most propane smokers can’t be converted to natural gas. However, some smoker uses natural gas too. You can also purchase a natural gas conversion kit to shift your propane smoker to natural gas. If you want to really try to convert propane smokers to natural gas, then you should contact an appropriate gas plumber.

Final Thoughts

In the end, propane smokers are an excellent addition to outdoor gadgets as well as kitchen gear. Propane smokers are better than traditional charcoal smokers. For example, these are easy to use, safe, and cheap in price. But choosing the best smoker in 2021 is a little bit difficult task for those who are new to the smoking world. That’s why prepared this top 8 best products list to narrow down your choices. Each product in this list is right according to its features and functionality.
So, which Propane smoker are you going to purchase?
If there was something precise that stood out to you within this post, be sure to leave a comment below! We love hearing from our readers and want to hear about which smoker you chose.