Best Pellet Smoker 2021 | Top 8 Grills & Smokers Reviews

best pellet smoker 2021

Even if you’re wary of BBQ and grilling tools, finding the best pellet smoker in 2021 is worth it. Of course, choosing the right pellet smoker is a challenging task. The most important thing to consider is cost vs quality.

But don’t worry you don’t need to spend a lot of time reading hundreds of reviews about pellet grills. Our team spent time on research and tested some of the top models. As a result, we compiled a list of the 8 best pellet grills and smokers with unbiased reviews of each to help you narrow down your choice.


So, If you’re in a hurry check out our quick recommendations, or scroll down to see our full top 8 list with in-depth reviews.

Camp Chef SmokePro

  • Stainless meat probe
  • Built-in sensor gauge
  • Large capacity hopper


Green Mountain Davy

  • Digital WiFi controller
  • Lightweight
  • Peaked lid



  • Huge Cooking Space
  • Durable construction
  • Direct/Indirect cooking


Comparison Table of 8 Best Pellet Smokers 2021

Image Product Ratings   Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Camp Chef SmokePro Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Green Mountain Davy Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E 2020 Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 PIT BOSS 700FB Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 5 stars (3) Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Camp Chef PG24MZG Star ratings Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Z GRILLS ZPG-6002B 5 stars (3) Check Latest Price
presto-removebg-preview-1 Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 5 stars (1) Check Latest Price

1. Camp Chef SmokeProOverall Best Pellet Grill

best pellet smoker 2021We have seen a sudden surge in Camp Chef grills popularity. This model falls into our list of the best pellet smoker, which means you can purchase it without being fearful of the quality. Camp Chef also produces one of the best performing pellet smokers in the industry.

Although, the build isn’t the flashy, funky kind you see in some models; it’s a straightforward design that is fantastic in cooking delicious meat. A pull-out ash pan removes the hassle required to clean up after a grilling session.

When measuring the cooking area, we found it to be 573 sq. inches approximately. The area is pretty decent for the price of this best pellet smoker. Cooking temperature is a huge factor when considering a grill. After intense grilling sessions, we can assure you the temperature on this grill goes up to 500F.

While temperature fluctuation is a problem found in many grills. Thankfully, the temperature on this model does not fluctuate more than 10F, more or less. One stainless steel probe is given, allowing you to monitor the temperature.

A 25000 BTU makes the heat insanely intense. The hopper you get with this model is big enough to store large amounts of wood pellets. It can store up to 18 lbs. of pellets.

Last but not least, the grates are non-stick porcelain-coated, which means you do not have to spend hours scraping them to get a clean finish. When you purchase this pellet grill, the company gives a three-year warranty.

Technical Features

Cooking Space573 Sq. inches
Size40.5x25x22 Inches
Weight127 Pounds


  • Large cooking area
  • Even heat
  • Meat probe
  • Easy to clean


  • Hopper lid leaks
  • The grease pan is small

2. Green Mountain Davy – Best Portable Pellet Smoker

best pellet smoker 2021There isn’t anything more portable than the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill. We read hundreds of best pellet smoker reviews, and almost every one of them included the famous Davy Crockett grill in their reviews. It only weighs only 57 pounds that’s, why we call it the best portable pellet smoker in 2021.

One of the major features of this grill is that it has a thermal temperature sensor attached to this model. The advantage of these thermal sensors is them being very accurate and sensitive, so you always get an accurate reading.

Furthermore, a meat probe is also in it. Insert this into your meat to get the temperature reading; it’s as simple as that. The thing we love is the portability. 110V and 12V power adapters are included. The good thing is, you can plug it into a car’s cigarette lighter socket. Whether you are at home or in a forest camping, you can always power it using your vehicle.

On the other hand, the temperature ranges from 550F, so you can cook almost any kind of meat. This pellet grill is lightweight; one person can easily pick it, place it in a car, or transport it someplace. A stainless steel drip tray reduces the mess made after a grilling session. This feature is also useful in preventing flare-ups.

The damper on this model is on the chimney. An ash pan is found at the bottom, which reduces the mess usually faced with post-grilling. An attached shelf keeps utensils handy, which saves your time if you are a busy person.

Like other modern grills, it has an LED display that allows monitoring of the temperature. Another major factor we found is it being Wi-Fi controllable. There is an app through which you can set timers, temperatures, and has other useful functions. Talking about the warranty, a two-year one is provided with it.

Technical Features

Cooking Space219  Sq. inches
Size29.9×14.9×21.6 Inches
Weight57.3 Pounds


  • Two different power supplies
  • WI-FI compatible
  • Ashpan
  • Comes with grease tray
  • Compact design


  • Small cooking space

3. Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E – Best Budget Pellet Grill

top pellet smokers 2021After extensive testing, we have finally concluded the ZPG-7002E in the top pellet grills. This model was updated in 2019, so it has many features we loved at first sight. One button startup system makes this grill minimalistic and simplistic. No doubt it’s one of the best budget pellet grills while comparing its features and performance with its price.

As the world is advancing, everything is becoming digitalized. Smokers ad grills are no exception to this new digitalized world. The digital auto temperature control panel on this model is a fantastic feature everyone loves. You do not have to control the heat manually; this smoker automates that for you.

If you are fond of outdoor grilling, you’re going to love this grill because the wheels on this grill are lockable, so you can transport this without facing difficulty. The cooking area measures a massive 700 sq. inches, making this best pellet smoker 2021 suitable for events and family gatherings. You can smoke more than 20 burgers in this area with ease.

Furthermore, the temperature rose to 450F without hassle and stayed stable throughout without fluctuations. The hopper has a decent size. You can smoke/grill for 10 hours per 10 labs of pellets. An LED display provides values for temperatures.

While talking about its durability, the grill has been made using stainless steel. Stainless steel has many advantages. The most significant advantage we find in it is being rust-resistant and easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth without involving brushes or detergents.

Beside, an automatic pellet feeder system is built-in. If the pellets are less to get the desired temperature, the system automatically feeds them to generate heat.

A foldable working shelf comes in handy when warming buns or keeping utensils handy. This grill is easily storable in a car’s trunk due to being foldable, making it suitable for camping.

Finally, the racks and cover are rustproof, so long-term usage, stains, and spots are minimal on this model. The cast-iron cooking grates come with a porcelain coating, making them go to the highest temperature with ease. A three-year warranty comes with this model.

Technical Features

MaterialStainless Steel
Cooking Space700 Sq. inches
Size48x22x51 Inches
Weight84 Pounds


  • Auto pellet adder
  • Large cooking area
  • Collects waste for disposal
  • One start ignition system


  • Temperature fluctuation

4. PIT BOSS 700FB – Best Large Space Pellet Grill

best pit boss pellet smokerPit boss comes in our list of the top pellet smokers. People all over the world love Pit boss’s products, mostly their pellet grills. If you ask us, we don’t take Pit boss as a bad company.

There is a massive 700 sq. inches grilling space, which can serve a large family. The grates are build from cast iron and also have porcelain coating on them. The thing we like about cast iron is its ability to sustain intense temperatures.

The digital control in this pellet grill works flawlessly. There are an LCD and a temperature knob on the front. The display gives you information such as the timer, the set temperature. On the other hand, if you need to change the temperature, use the knob.

The temperature on this grill effortlessly goes up to 600F. You also get a heavy-duty polyester cover with this pellet smoker, which helps if the area you live in has excessive rainfall or intense sunlight. This cover prevents paint peeling, rusting, and discoloration of your model.

Moreover, the hopper has a capacity of 21lbs. A side shelf and lower cabinet do not come as a standard feature with this grill. However, at an additional price, this smoker comes with these two features. We suggest you buy the one with features, as things can get awkward without a side shelf.

Besides, side handles do come with it. A little issue we faced while using this grill is temperature fluctuation. If it were minor, we would’ve ignored it, but the temperature fluctuates more than 70F above or lower. If you are cooking at low temperatures, you can run into problems.

All in all, if you are going to server a large family with delicious smoky food then give it a try, because Pit Boss 700FB is one of the best large space pellet grill.

Technical Features

Cooking Space700 Sq. inches
Size24.8x22x43.1 Inches
Weight126 Pounds


  • Large cooking area
  • Digital controls
  • LCD readout
  • Comes with cover for protection


  • Too much temperature fluctuation

5. Traeger Pro Series 575 – Best Digital Pellet Grill

Top pellet grillsLet us look at how Traeger came into being. A man Joe Traeger developed these best pellet grills in 1986. In the start, Traeger was a small family-owned business, only producing a limited number of grills, but now it has become a worldwide business.

There is Wifi technology built into this best pellet smoker. This technology digitalizes the grill; you can control this model through an app with your phone. You can set a timer, see pellet levels, and control the temperature with this app. This grill is all in one. It can be used for baking, roasting, and braising altogether.

While talking about the grilling area, it comes with an average grilling area, not too small and not too large. It measures a total of 575 sq. inches, which means you can grill burgers for up to 22 people. The all-terrain wheels under this grill are solid. We moved this across stony surfaces, grass, and even dirt, and we are delighted with these wheels.

Two cooking grates are present, which are porcelain enameled. The temperature quickly rises to 450F. The unique feature we like in this particular model is the voice control. You can set and change the temperature with your voice; it is a pulling factor for a tech-savvy person.

In summary, the Traeger pro series 575 grill is one of the best wood pellet grills due to its digital controls and performance. Moreover, it’s a product of the trusted brands of the grilling industry named Traeger. So, if you are looking for a smart featured grill like wifi and the Alexa app then look nowhere else.

Technical Features

ModelPRO 575
Cooking Space575 Sq. inches
Size53x27x41 Inches
Weight124 Pounds


  • Voice control
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Best all in one digital pellet grill


  • Minor temperature fluctuation

6. Camp Chef PG24MZG – Best Pellet Smoker for the Money

best pellet smoker 2021Pellet grills use completely natural wood chips as a fuel source. These grills make use of airflow to control the fire, making these best for those who love the old ways of grilling and smoking. After scouring through hundreds of best pellet smoker reviews, we have given the PG24MZG, we have provided this model with the title of “best pellet smoker for the money.”

Whenever buying a grill/smoker, always keep the area as a priority. The bigger the grill, the more peace of mind you have. Many newbies buy small smokers but regret it after finding it too small to cook a decent amount of food.

You get a large 811 inches of cooking area with this model. Considering the massive size, you can cook more than 28 burgers using this grill without hassle. There are two shelves in this, one at the top while one is located below.

Moreover, two stainless steel probes and a digital controller with 10 smoke levels are really helpful when it comes to controlling the temperature. The grill automatically regulates the temperature so you can sit back and enjoy the process.

There are options for direct and indirect heat in this model. A knob controls if you want a direct flame for some quick-cooking or an indirect one for thorough and slow cooking. A simplistic ash cleanout system is present, which reduces the mess created post-smoking.

Furthermore, the main grates are enamel coated, while the ones located at the top are nickel coated. The upper shelf found in this pellet grill is removable as well as foldable. The steel build is Teflon coated, making it strong and stable. The shelf is cleanable in a dishwasher, making this model a great choice.

While talking about disadvantages, there are only two minor drawbacks we have noticed in this pellet smoker. Temperature fluctuation is sometimes seen, which can be bugging from time to time. It is challenging to remove pellets from the hopper; if you are impatient, this might not be suitable for you.

Technical Features

Cooking Space811 Sq. inches
Size40.5x25x22 Inches
Weight144.7 Pounds


  • Ash cleanout system
  • Digital controls
  • 811 Sq. inches cooking area
  • Easy to assemble


  • No Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Temperature fluctuation

7. Z GRILLS ZPG-6002B Best Pellet Smoker for the Beginners

Best pellet smoker reviewsZPG-L6002B is one of the best long-lasting pellet smokers out in the market. The ignition is auto-start, which means that the grill is lightable with just a button press. This feature is handy in the case of beginners in the grilling world.

An LED temperature display is available. With just a peek at the screen, you can know the grill’s internal temperature. The build is stainless steel, making this pellet smoker rust-free and shiny. You can wash it with a wet cloth, and still, it does not rust.

One of the standout features is its auto pellet adder that works exceptionally, adding pellets whenever there is a need to raise the temperature. Keeping in mind this is a compact build; the cooking area measures 330 sq. inches. The area makes this best pellet smoker portable and easy to carry around.

The hopper capacity is a meagre 10 pounds. The work shelf found in this model is foldable, which is another space-saving feature. The wheels are heavy-duty all-terrain, so drag this across pebbles, grass, or any terrain you like.

The grids and cover are rustproof, making them suitable for damp climates. A searing mode is available, which makes the temperature rise to an enormous 1000F. The average temperature range goes up to 450F.

Porcelain-enameled cooking grates remove the need for intense scraping after cooking. Stainless steel handles have been embedded into the sides to promote ease of carrying this grill. If you ask us, we prefer wood handles, as steel sometimes gets too hot to touch.

Technical Features

MaterialStainless Steel
Cooking Space600 Sq. inches
Size46x22x46 Inches
Weight35 Kg


  • Auto pellet adder
  • Digital control
  • Porcelain-enameled cooking grates


  • Steel handles can get hot to touch

8. Traeger Pro TFB57PZBO – Best Pellet Smoker & Grill

best pellet smoker 2021Here we would like to introduce you to another best product; named Traeger Pro TFB57PZBO. We call it the best pellet grill & smoker because it can do both jobs efficiently. The cooking area hints at this model best for those who are searching for compact grills. The area measures a total of 572 sq. inches.

The 20000 BTU given with this grill is a sturdy one. We loved how the lid was made. The lid has a bronze finish to it, a unique feature found in this build.

If you are concerned about the temperature this pellet smoker supports, be relaxed as it goes up to 400F. Digital control is a blessing in disguise, as you do not have to maintain the temperature manually. This feature automates the whole process for you.

Furthermore, the two meat probes given with this are accurate. We did not find the reading to be misread at any time. Talking about the pellet hopper’s capacity, it can store up to 20lbs of pellets at a time.

A drip pan reduces flare-ups and keeps the grill clean. There is an extra grill rack on which you can keep your utensils or keep some plates to warm. We usually warm some buns over there.

Like other modern grills, the auto pellet adder in this smoker works with charm. Whenever there is a need to provide more heat, the adder automatically feeds the grill more pellets. The damper is located on the top; it is called a chimney damper.

Fortunately, wheels are built-in to make transportation easier. We moved this grill over different terrains, and we faced no hassle or problem during the testing.

Technical Features

MaterialPorcelain, Steel
Cooking Space572 Sq. inches
Size41x27x49 Inches
Weight102.3 Pounds


  • Two meat probes
  • Warming rack
  • Drip tray
  • Auto pellet adder


  • Minor temperature fluctuations

Benefits of Pellet Grills in 2021

benefits of best pellet smoker 2021


Pellet smokers are versatile enough that you don’t need to buy another appliance for your kitchen or outdoor parties like a griddle after purchasing a pellet smoker. You can grill, barbecue, roast, and even bake in a pellet grill. It’s a one time investment and the best alternative for the money.


Another advantage of having a pellet smoker or grill is that these are fast and easy to operate. These are designed to pre-heat quickly and save a lot of time. Moreover, pellet grills maintain heat very well inside the chamber. Unlike a traditional grill, you can regulate the inside temperature in a pellet grill.

Different Smokey flavors

One of the many benefits of a pellet smoker is you can cook desired flavored meat. While cooking in a pellet smoker, different types of wood pellets give a different smoky flavor to the meals. Some of the popular wood pellets are maple, alder, cherry, and hickory. So, use your favorite wood pellet and enjoy the smoky flavor.

Different sizes

Another benefit of a pellet grill is that these tools are available in almost every size like small, medium, large, and even in commercial sizes. It means you have the choice of serving from a small family to a large group of friends in your backyard.

Healthy foods 

Carcinogen compounds are produced when meats are cooked at high temperatures. These carcinogen compounds are hazardous to human health. But there are some claims that Foods cooked in a wood pellet smoker mean fewer carcinogens than other conventional smokers or grill. So, we can say that wood pellet smoker foods are safe to eat.

Furthermore, an indirect cooking method is applied to pellet smokers. It means only surrounded heat in the smoker cooks the food. So, these foods’ tastes are more delicious and yummy while comparing to a charcoal or gas grill or smoker.

Smart Features

Like charcoal grills, pellet grills also offer fancy bells and whistles. Some of the expensive grills are featured with modern features like Bluetooth, wifi, LCD Screen, integrated meat probes, and warming features. Just spend some more on a wood pellet smoker and benefit from the latest attributes.

Final Thoughts

So, folks, here we are; hopefully, your quest for the best pellet smoker 2021 ends here. After reading the reviews of the best pellet smokers and grills, you might want to pick one. All the products, as mentioned above, are good at their ends.

If you are still confused, then here are some of our suggestions Camp Chef DLX Pellet Grill as the best overall pellet grill and Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 as the best digital pellet smoker. However, if you are a beginner in the grilling world then put your eyes on Traeger Pro TFB57PZBO.